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Speeding up Rails boot time

Usually when we have a small Rails application, or are starting a new project, we don’t have such a problem as slow boot time. At this point our app is using just a few libraries, logic has not evolved into a big monster, not many feature/integration tests… easy peasy!!! But then comes the day when you dread doing a change on your codebase. A single small change means an endless waiting time to boot the web app or to run a single unit test. [Read More]

Comparing Brotli and gzip

A few weeks ago, one of the Android developers on our team suggested that we could use Brotli to improve performance on our Web and mobile clients. I had never heard the name before, so I took a look: Brotli is a compression format originally developed at Google with an open-source implementation. It’s supported by the major browsers (see Can I use Brotli?), so it can replace gzip for Web traffic. [Read More]

Why We’re Switching to gRPC

When you use a microservice-style architecture, one pretty fundamental decision you need to make is: how do your services talk to each other? The default choice seems to be to send JSON over HTTP – using so-called REST APIs, although most people don’t quite take the REST principles seriously. At fromAtoB, this is how we started, but more recently we decided to make gRPC our standard. gRPC is a system for remote procedure calls that was developed at Google and is now open-source. [Read More]

Golang for Rubyists Part 1: Typing

Here at FromAtoB, we are making the transition from a Ruby on Rails monolith application to a service-oriented architecture where Go is becoming a more prominent language. As we are making this transition, it also requires us to make the transition from Ruby to Go. In this serie of blog-posts, we would like to highlight some of the main differences between Ruby and Go. We hope that this content will be useful for any Ruby developer who considers learning Go. [Read More]

Sled like no one's watching: Ruby on Ice Conference 2019

It was the morning of the 21st of February. We (Andy and Mandy) hit the road towards the Ruby on Ice Conference in Tegernsee. As soon as we caught sight of the mountains, we were greeted by plains blanketed in white and rooftops still caked with 20cm of snow. We knew we were in for an exprience of a lifetime with pictereqsue views like this! As we entered the conference, we were greeted by a rustic, lecture style hall of 150 people. [Read More]

Let's Encrypt, OAuth 2, and Kubernetes Ingress

In mid-August 2016, fromAtoB switched from running on a few hand-managed bare-metal servers to Google Cloud Platform(GCP), using saltstack, packer, and terraformto programmatically define and manage our infrastructure. After this migration, it was relatively straightforward to setup and expose our internal services such as kibana, grafana, and prometheusto the internet at large with a small set of salt states that managed oauth2_proxy, nginx, and lego on individual machines running the services managed by systemd. [Read More]

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